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Best Autoflower Breeder, voting result:
Mephisto Genetics

Jeremy Norrie - Cup Curator

Mostly known for hosting and writing the judging criteria for events like The Secret Cup and Chalice California, Jeremy has been a veteran in the medical cannabis industry since its inception in California and has written for magazines like Treating Yourself Medical Journal and Skunk Magazine. He was a vital part of the teams who won the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Product Awards with the first dabbing tools in 2009 and 2012. 
As cup curator, Jeremy Norrie and our team are busy working on all the details of the event, leading up to day we will celebrate the winners. With Jeremy’s experience as the ‘man in charge’, combined together with his work as a film director & producer, you can be sure that our final event is going to absolutely dope, you won’t wanna miss it!

American Autoflower Cup

Los angeles, California

Autoflowers have been around for over a decade now, and watching them evolve and advance has been an amazing and beautiful journey for everyone involved in this very special community of the cannabis world. All the years of passion and dedication put into autoflowering genetics has greatly paid off, and nowadays, autos can easily match photoperiodic plants and tick off all the important boxes - hefty yields and high THC/CBD potency, with terpene profiles to match.

We’ve seen all the hard work that breeders and growers alike have put into their strains and cultivations and we thought it was high time for the hard work to be rewarded by organising an exciting cannabis cup exclusive to autoflowering cannabis. The American Autoflower Cup is all about bringing together the best of the best in the auto world and seeing exactly what 2023 has to offer. There are multiple categories to compete in, with top awards going to:

  • Best Sativa strain
  • Best Indica strain
  • Best Autoflower Breeder 

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming an autoflower cannabis cup winner then here’s your chance! Registering is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard. It’s your time to shine and show off your hard work: whether you’re a seedbank, commercial grower, or a have a small scale personal grow, we welcome you to participate with your amazing autoflowers.

Each category will be thoroughly reviewed with judges sampling each entry before rating the bag appeal, terpene profile, and overall effect. There will be an amazing variety of prizes for all of the categories’ winners.

Jump on board, and join us in sunny California for the first American Autoflower Cup in 2023!!

7225 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
Be the first to know about the news and winners of our Cup!
Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The American Autoflower Cup?


The 2d edition of "American Autoflower Cup'' will be held in Los Angeles in the beginning of 2024, and is open to all grow shops, seed banks, as well as any individual grower or collaboration. The event will take place at one of the city's premier cannabis locations in Los Angeles, which will be announced soon. 

The 2d edition of the American Autoflower Cup is set as follows:

- October 1 - January 31: product submission;

- 9-10 February: Judging Process

- 10 February: Award ceremony at BeTrue Los Angeles

What Are The Categories For The American Autoflower Cup?


Seedbanks and growers will have a chance to compete in three categories: "Best Autoflower Sativa Strain", "Best Autoflower Indica Strain", and "Best Autoflower Breeder" (the audience will have the opportunity to cast their votes for the "Best Autoflower Breeder"  via an online form a few weeks before the Award Ceremony). 

How Is The American Autoflower Cup Judged?


Judges will score all entries based on appearance, aroma, taste, effects, and the overall experience.

What are the product requirements for the American Autoflower Cup?


Participants will have to enter their samples divided into 20 individual 1-gram portions, totaling 20 grams per entry. All samples must be trimmed and free of pests or mold and must have a sticker with your unique entry code clearly and legibly printed.

Participation is completely free of charge.

Samples must be delivered in person in LA, California (or through a representative). Instructions for entry delivery will also be communicated as soon as possible.

Where Will The Cup Award Ceremony Be Held?


The event and awards ceremony will take place at one of the city's premier cannabis locations in Los Angeles, which will be announced soon. 

How To Register For The American Autoflower Cup As A Contestant?


The 2d edition of the AAC is open to all seed banks, grow shops, growers, and cannabis-related associations; All you have to do is fill out the registration form! Keep in mind that anyone wishing to participate must be of legal age.

How To Sponsor An American Autoflower Cup?


We offer different conditions for sponsorship. You will have the opportunity to present your brand through our social media channels, introduce your product to visitors at the award ceremony itself and be part of our communication plan. Keep in mind the event is not a huge festival, but rather a private and limited party with professionals of the cannabis industry, and the event is targeted towards companies and brands looking to network, expand and reach potential investors. For more information please contact us as soon as possible to guarantee your spot: [email protected]

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