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Colorado Cannabis Cup 2022: The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis

Colorado Cannabis Cup 2022: The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis

Colorado: Location and Cannabis Policy

Colorado is a state in the Western region of the US and it’s the 8th most extensive in the United States. Nicknamed the “Centennial State”, Colorado stands out for its vivid landscapes composed of mountains, forests, mesas, canyons, rivers, and desert lands. A major part of its economy includes agriculture, which is why not only cannabis growing but also cultivation, in general, is widespread. Since 2012, recreational weed has been legal in Colorado, so let’s take a look at current laws and regulations.

Buying and Selling

Anyone 21 or over can legally buy cannabis from licensed dispensaries but is limited to 1 ounce (28 grams) at a time. Only licensed dispensaries can sell weed, meaning that recreational consumers cannot sell weed but can give up to 2 ounces (56 grams) to another adult.

Using and Possessing

Adults can possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of weed but public use (eating, vaping, smoking) is 100% illegal. On top of that, consuming weed on federal lands such as national parks and national forests is illegal but you can consume weed on private property as long as you own the property or the property owner allows it. This means that if you don’t want to get in trouble, always consume weed at home and if you don’t own the property, make sure to ask the owner beforehand, this way you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cannabis Cup in Colorado: Ultimate Guide 2022: A man's hands as he shows two ziplock bags with marijuana flowers

Colorado was the first state ever to legally sell recreational marijuana.

High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado

Unlike other Cannabis Cups you may have seen or participated in which 20-30 celebrities or specialists of the cannabis industry judge the products, the Colorado Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice edition gives the power to the people of Colorado to sample and provide feedback on the best of the best weed products in Colorado. If you were wondering how and when the event was held, let’s take a closer look.


The estimated timeline for the 2022 Colorado Cannabis Cup was set to be:

  • May 23 - 25: Product entry;
  • June 4 - 5: Judge kits available;
  • August 7: Judging;
  • August 21: Award ceremony.

Unfortunately, this means that the 2022 edition of the People’s Choice Colorado Cannabis Cup ended on August 29 2022 but remember that People’s Choice events are online, meaning that you can attend the awards from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is go to High Times’ official Facebook page. 

Colorado Cannabis Cup 2022: See who got all the People's Choice trophies.

Judges and Evaluation Process

Due to the pandemic, most events were forced to close but despite lockdowns, High Times managed to reinvent this recreational-only Cannabis Cup and came up with the People’s Choice edition of the Cannabis Cup

While normally 30 specialists would judge and rank the entries, the People’s Choice edition gives the power to the people of Colorado, offering over 220 judge passes for Coloradoans to sample the best of the best products in the weed market.

This new model of competition offers the largest pool of judges in the history of this type of event, not only allowing consumers to try and vote on the best products in the market but also allowing brands to get feedback from thousands of true real-life consumers in all the categories below.

Cannabis Cup in Colorado: Ultimate Guide 2022: A beautiful cone-shaped joint being lit

Buy samples, light up, and start judging – that's how People's Choice works.

Award Categories

The nature of the People’s Choice Cannabis Cup allows it to introduce a couple of new categories, totaling the 12 categories that follow:


  • Indica; 
  • Sativa; 
  • Hybrid; 
  • Pre-rolls;
  • Infused Pre-rolls.


  • Solvent concentrates;
  • Non-solvent concentrates;
  • Distillate Vape pens and Cartridges;
  • Non-distillate Vape pens and Cartridges.


  • Gummies;
  • Chocolates and Baked Goods.


  • Topicals + Capsules + Tinctures.

Latest Winners

Colorado Cannabis Cup: People’s Edition 2022 - 1st Place Winners

CategoryProduct /  StrainProducer / Cultivator
IndicaCookie monsterby High Level Health

by High Level Health

SativaSour Orange Zkittlez

by Veritas Fine Cannabis


Blue Apricot Gasoline Pre-roll

by High Country Cones

Infused Pre-RollsSugar Cone Infused Pre-roll

by Nectar Bee


CategoryProduct /  StrainProducer / Cultivator
Solvent ConcentratesBlue Skunk Live Badder

by High Level Health

Non-Solvent Concentrates

Tropicana Banana

by Akta

Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges

White Cherry Cart

by Evolab/Co2lors

Non-Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges

Nana’s Lemonade

by Mountain Select


Sour Watermelon Fruit Chews

by Smokiez

Chocolates and Baked Goods

Boulder bar

by Incredibles

Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules + SublingualsCedar and Black Pepper Relief Cream

by Escape Artists


If reading about these outstanding weed and weed-infused products got you excited, then what are you waiting for? There aren’t any Cannabis Cups programmed in Colorado 2023 yet, but make sure to check their official website for the latest updates and cannabis cup tickets! 

Any other cannabis tournament in Colorado?

After 2020, the cannabis industry was really affected but several competitors found a way to innovate and continue making history. For those of you that don’t know THC Classics, it’s the largest blind-judging event in Colorado.

The blind-judging is the staple of the competitions and it assures accuracy and fairness, on top of that, the products are stripped out of the packages to avoid favoritism, which makes it one of the most trusted weed competitions.

Cannabis Cup in Colorado: Ultimate Guide 2022: A closeup of a man's upper face as he wears an outrageous hat and 'marijuana' glasses

Coloradans are proud of their bustling cannabis culture.


Unfortunately, dates aren’t set for the 2023 edition of THC Classics but make sure to stay tuned. The competition will be back bigger and better than ever, so keep an eye out for future updates and sign to their newsletter so you don’t miss it.

Judges and Evaluation Process

Rooster Magazine wanted to avoid favoritism and give the people truly the best of the best, this is why THC Classic is a blind-judging competition, meaning that products are given to the judges without any labels. With over 20 different types of products, each category has five judges that meticulously review all the products and score them based on their appearance, potency, effect, flavor, aroma, and overall experience among other things.

Last year the event had over 300 entries, so let’s take a look at the categories and winners!

Cannabis Cup in Colorado: Ultimate Guide 2022: A counter in a rec shop with about a dozen open jars with buds

Flowers aren't the only product showcased at cannabis events.

Award Categories

This year’s edition of the THC Classics competition had the following 21 categories:


  • Indica 
  • Sativa 
  • Hybrid 
  • Pre-rolls
  • Caviar


  • Cured
  • Flash Frozen
  • Rosin
  • Hash
  • Hemp-Derived CBD
  • Disposable Vapes
  • Distillate Vapes
  • Flavored Vapes
  • Solventless Vapes
  • Hydrocarbon Vapes
  • CO2 Vapes


  • Infusions/Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Wildcard


The last edition of the competition was held in April 2022 but stay tuned for the 2023 edition of the THC Classics, with over a thousand patrons, you definitely don’t want to miss it so make sure to check their official website for more information, tickets, sponsorships, and the latest updates.

Cannabis Cup in Colorado: Ultimate Guide 2022: A closeup of a marijuana bud with a man holding it out of focus

Come to Colorado for the best bud in the world.


Not only High Times Cannabis Cups but any event in Colorado is a great way to experience cannabis culture and some excellent marihuana. Colorado’s state’s history with cannabis goes a long way back so if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, experiencing legal weed, dispensaries, and every other cannabis-related activity is definitely a must!


As the legal cannabis industry grows, there are more and more niche cannabis cups and each one is unique; Sometimes more focused on the medicinal side and sometimes more focused on the recreational side but always focused on the cannabis community. 

The American Autoflower Cup will be holding the unique cannabis cup and we invite you to come and be a part of this community, get to know like-minded individuals, and share your experience.