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Michigan Cannabis Cup 2022: All You Need to Know

Michigan Cannabis Cup 2022: All You Need to Know

Michigan: Location and Cannabis Policy

Michigan is a state in the United States, located in the Great Lakes region, and with a population of almost 10.12 million, it’s the 10th-largest state by population. The state’s name derives from an Ojibwe word (‘mishigami’), meaning ‘large lake’. In the 20th century, the state became the center of US automotive industry while being extremely important in different areas such as forestry, agriculture, and high-tech industries.

The state has a long history with cannabis, and even before legalization, carrying any amount of cannabis was considered a misdemeanor. However, on November 6, 2018, Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. So how are cannabis laws in Michigan nowadays?

As of 2018, cannabis is completely legal in Michigan, this means that adults 21 or over can legally consume weed, allowing the purchase of up to 70 grams (2.5 oz) per day. Medical patients younger than 21 can still consume cannabis as long as they have a medical marijuana card. 

While Michigan has some pretty relaxed cannabis laws, it still has strict limitations regarding the distribution, use, and cultivation of cannabis.


Michigan allows the possession of up to 10 ounces (260 grams) at home while limiting the amount you can carry. Adults may carry up to 2.5 ounces (70 grams) but exceeding that amount can result in a maximum fine of up to $500. And if you’re caught carrying more than 5 ounces, it’s considered with the intent to distribute or sell, which is a criminal offense. This means that you can only buy/sell weed or weed-infused products from licensed retailers only.

Cannabis Cup in Michigan: Ultimate Guide 2022: Marijuana buds and clones being sold for cash in a booth at a cannabis festival

A cannabis fair is the only way for you to buy buds and clones in Michigan street-market style.


Growing up to 12 cannabis plants is allowed as long as it’s not in a location visible from a public place. This means that if you’re growing weed in a location where it’s visible from a public place, it’s considered a civil offense and can be punished with a $100 fine.

Growing 13 - 24 plants is a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $500 and growing more than 25 cannabis plants is a misdemeanor that can be punished with jail time.

Hash and Concentrates

In terms of cannabis concentrate and hashish, adults are allowed to possess up to 15 grams and are allowed to give those 15 grams to another adult as long as it does not involve money.

In short, Michigan cannabis rules are quite relaxed, you can buy and possess quite a good amount of weed and concentrates so it’s just a matter of not breaking the law and you’ll be able to enjoy some good flowers or edibles without worrying at all.

Cannabis Cup in Michigan: Ultimate Guide 2022: A man inhaling from a small dab rig at a booth at a marijuana festival as two women are looking on

Dabbing at a cannabis festival.

High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan

The 2021 edition of the High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup featured over 75 different brands, 300 different products, and almost 300.000 grams of weed and weed-infused products but the event keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

The People’s Choice edition of the High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup is back in 2022, and it’s better than ever, giving Michiganders the opportunity to sample and vote on the best weed products in Michigan.


The estimated timeline for the 2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup was set to be:

  • March 21 - 25: Product entry;
  • April 16: Judge kits available;
  • April 16 - June 12: Judging;
  • June  26: Award ceremony.

Unfortunately, this means that the 2022 edition of the People’s Choice Michigan Cannabis Cup ended on June 26 2022 but remember that People’s Choice events are online, meaning that you can attend the awards from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is go to High Times’ official Facebook page.

Cannabis Cup in Michigan: Ultimate Guide 2022: A cannabis fair at night with booths, crowds of people and a ferris wheel

Live cannabis events are unmatched for their atmosphere.

Judges and Evaluation Process

High Times’ Michigan Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice is the second edition of this new type of competition, bringing the largest pool of judges in the history of the event. Practically, a dream come true for all Michiganders who always wanted to sample and provide feedback on the best products in the legal market.

Watch the recording of the live stream of High Times Michigan Cup People's Choice 2022 Award Show.

In face of Covid-19, High Times was forced to reinvent the competition and came up with a new way of classification while also giving the participating brands real feedback from thousands of customers. While normally around  30 judges would decide it, the People’s Choice edition gives the power to the people, offering Michiganders the chance to get all the entries delivered at home and crown the best of the best weed product in Michigan.

Cannabis Cup in Michigan: Ultimate Guide 2022: Five High Times cups standing in a row

A High Times Cannabis Cup is like Oscar for the marijuana industry.

Award Categories

Flower (Recreational)

  • Indica 
  • Sativa 
  • Hybrid 
  • Non-Infused Pre-rolls
  • Infused Pre-rolls

Flower (Medical) 

  • Indica 
  • Sativa 
  • Hybrid 
  • Pre-Rolls


  • Solvent concentrates
  • Non-solvent concentrates
  • Distillate Vape pens 
  • Non-distillate Vape pens 


  • Recreational gummies
  • Rec. non-Gummies
  • Medical Edibles


  • Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules + Sublinguals

Latest Winners

Michigan Cannabis Cup: People’s Edition (2022) 1st Place Winners

CategoryProduct / StrainProducer / Cultivator
Recreational IndicaSpritzer

by Society C

Medical IndicaBrain Stew

by Local Grove

Recreational SativaTropical Runtz

by Hypha

Medical Sativa

Lunar Lemon

by Pro Gro

Recreational HybridTropicana Cherry

by FLWRpot

Medical HybridRuntz

by Local Grove

Recreational Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

Zhitz Fire Cannonz

by Canna Boys

Recreational Infused Pre-RollsLunar Lemon Live Resin Joint

by Element x Pro Gro

Medical Pre-Rolls

Zhitz Fire Cannonz

by Canna Boys


CategoryProduct / StrainProducer / Cultivator
Solvent Concentrates

Lunar Lemon Live Resin

by Element x Pro Gro

Non-Solvent Concentrates

PebbleZ Live Rosin

by Glorious Cannabis Co. x Superior Solventless

Distillate Vapes

Super Pure Runtz Distillate Vape

by Church x Pressure Pack

Non-Distillate VapesPuna Orange Lie Resin Cart

by Binske

Recreational Gummies

Blue Lemonade Gummies

by Afternoon Delite

Recreational Edibles (non-gummies)

Milk and Cookies Terra Bites


Med. Edibles

Starberry Gummies

by Afternoon Delite x Kola Farms

Topical + Tinctures + Capsules + Sublinguals

RSO + OG Kush Live Resin Sublingual Syringe



The last edition of the competition was held in June 2022 but stay tuned for the 2023 edition of Michigan Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice, with over 200 different products, you definitely don’t want to miss it so make sure to check High Times’ official website for more information, tickets, sponsorships, and the latest updates.

Cannabis Cup in Michigan: Ultimate Guide 2022: A corrspondent reporting from a cannabis event

The industry's influencers at a Cannabis Cup.


Not only High Times Cannabis Cups but any event in Michigan is a great way to experience cannabis culture and some excellent marihuana like the original Gorilla Glue and Purple Pebbles marihuana strain. Michigan’s history with cannabis goes a long way back so if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, experiencing legal weed, dispensaries, and every other cannabis-related activity is definitely a must!


As the legal cannabis industry grows, there are more and more niche cannabis cups and each one is unique; Sometimes more focused on the medicinal side and sometimes more focused on the recreational side but always focused on the cannabis community. 

The American Autoflower Cup will be holding the unique cannabis cup and we invite you to come and be a part of this community, get to know like-minded individuals, and share your experience.