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The evolution of the auto flower has been an amazing journey to follow. From their inception to what they have become shows how much work breeders have put in in order to create some of the most potent, tasty and high producing strains on today’s market.

We believe all this hard work and dedication deserves to be rewarded. Who would you pick as the top autoflowering breeder in the US? We are sure you know who to vote for!


For the best 3 breeders

Binary Selection Seeds
Crop King Seeds
ETHOS Genetics
Fire Budz Genetics
House of the Great Gardener
Humboldt Seed Company
Master Sensei Genetics
Med Tree Seeds
Mephisto Genetics
Mosca Seeds
Night Owl Seeds
Purple City Genetics
The Cali Connection
Viking Gardens Genentics
Walipini Seeds
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